A patent published today but filed in 2016 shows an Oculus concept for a convertible head-mounted display that can be powered by either a PC or phone. The patent application 20170364144 from Oculus is listed as invented by Yury Anatolievic Petrov.

It covers a head-mounted display said to receive “video input from a stationary computer in a first mode of operation and from a mobile computer in a second mode of operation, and to display images corresponding to the video input.” Images in the patent application show a variety of potential arrangements including a phone snapped into place behind your head and connected to the head-mounted display with a wire. A patent is obviously not an indication of any future functionality, but it is a notable idea as the world’s biggest tech companies try to figure out how to build the greatest level of immersion into untethered VR and AR headsets.

Today, Oculus was granted a patent for a new method of moving around in a virtual environment that is more “natural and intuitive” to the user than teleporting – which has been an industry standard until now. One embodiment of the method was shown with a smartphone head-mounted display which At this point Apple’s interest in AR is well-documented; the company’s upcoming ARKit platform, due to arrive with iOS 11, is likely a precursor to something much bigger.

A new patent from the company published this month shows you exactly what bigger could be. The patent discloses a method of Many people in the virtual reality (VR) industry believe that inside-out tracking is the future of consumer-grade HMDs.

We’ve seen prototypes from Oculus with Santa Cruz and Intel’s Project Alloy-powered devices and now Sony is dipping their toes into the inside-out tracking race. Today we caught wind of a new Send a Tip, Our Manifesto, Terms of Use, Ads About, Press Inquiries, FAQ, Contact, Author List, Privacy Policy, Code of Ethics I’m not gonna beat around the bush and waste your time too much with this. Read more from uploadvr.com…

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