CNET también está disponible en español. Facebook promised to make VR a lot more social back in May when the $199 Oculus Go debuted, announcing a handful of new apps to bring people together while goggled in.

Oculus Venues, a live event viewing platform that mixes large crowds of virtual avatars and streaming video, was the first. Oculus TV is the second, and it’s now available on Oculus Go and Samsung Gear VR with a bunch of new video streaming apps.

It aims to be a central place to find all the streaming videos to watch when you have your VR headset on your face. Oculus TV is all about old-fashioned, flat-screen 2D entertainment, but viewed in your otherwise 3D VR goggles.

I’ve been using it over the weekend, and while it’s a fine way to check out a show, watching 2D videos in VR just isn’t something I need to do.  There are already plenty of ways to watch videos and movies in Oculus’ mobile headsets: Oculus Video, which looks like a giant movie theater, was a launch app when the Gear VR arrived in 2014. Standalone Netflix, Hulu, Showtime, Pluto and other apps browse streaming video, too.

What Oculus TV might look like when friends can be invited, from Facebook’s F8 Conference earlier this year. I checked out Oculus TV solo: less fun. Read more from…

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