CNET también está disponible en español. Scattered around Earth, you and other audience members slip on VR headsets and convene in a common virtual world.

As you explore, you’re approached by a character different from avatars you’ve met in VR before. It reacts to you like somebody in the same room would, but this isn’t a creature of our world.

It’s sewn together by the same threads as the rest of this invented universe unspooling around you. And by following it, you unlock the possibility of a unique journey.

  Rather than preprogrammed avatars, these characters are all powered by live, trained actors. Far away on a motion-capture stage, a cast leads you and others through a performance that’s never exactly the same story twice.

Yelena Rachitsky, executive producer of experiences at Facebook’s VR giant, Oculus, describes it as indie video game phenom Journey meets immersive play Sleep No More. The project, tentatively expected for release next year, is inventing a new VR format that attempts to widen the audience for some of today’s most exciting VR experiences — installations with live actors. Read more from…

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