Above: Peraso is making Wigig wireless networking chips for VR. Peraso Technologies has appointed Bill McLean as CEO to advance its goal of selling wireless networking chips based on the Wireless Gigabit (WiGig) standard.

These chips could bring new flexibility to emerging applications such as virtual reality, and McLean aims to help develop those business opportunities. Right now, VR headsets aren’t selling as well as expected, even though VR has huge potential as a new entertainment and gaming medium.

One of the things holding VR back is that the most powerful headsets have to be connected via wires to gaming PCs. With WiGig chipsets, the VR headsets could communicate over high-speed wireless links to the PCs, which could eliminate the wires.

Toronto-based Peraso wants to provide chips for that market and more. McLean will replace founder Rob Glibbery, who will remain at the company and serve as senior vice president of corporate development.

Peraso is shifting from initial customer shipments to higher-volume production as the WiGig market matures. “I have extensive experience as a mid-stage CEO with companies that are preparing for a major growth phase, which is what attracted me to Peraso,” said McLean, in an email. Read more from venturebeat.com…

thumbnail courtesy of venturebeat.com