It was a dream that so many of us had as kids – to have the entire arcade all to ourselves, and play for as long as we liked. Well, now dreams become (virtual) reality as Pierhead Arcade hits the PlayStation VR with 15 carnival coin-operated games, all in one package.

Grab your bag of quarters and let’s see if Pierhead Arcade is worth the nostalgia trip. The concept is pretty straightforward – strap on your PlayStation VR headset and you’ll find yourself in a large room with all the games arranged around you.

In all, your choices are Rocket Ball, Basketball, Bowling, Comet Drop, Arctic Shuffle, Super Punch, Binary Dash, Honey Rush, Shooting Gallery, Scarab Toss, Dino Whack, Cannonball Bounce, Rapid Fire, Zombie Shootout and the Claw Machine. No, there’s no Space Invaders or Galaga here – these games are of the traditional, hands-on variety.

Navigate around the room using the PlayStation Move controllers (required for this game, which may be a deal-breaker for some) to teleport rather than float. Stand in front of one of the game machines, insert one of your endless quarters, and let the fun begin.

“Pierhead Arcade definitely offers some well-designed and engaging games.” When Pierhead Arcade doesn’t work so well, it is often due to the limitations of the controllers. Basketball is well-executed and the physics are solid, but the Move controllers can’t quite do the game justice. Read more from…

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