Pixel Ripped 1989 is finally released today after several years of development. In this quirky VR game you take on the role of a young grade school girl as she plays her Gameboy-inspired handheld console in class, at school, around the house, and in other areas.

The game world starts to escape the small screen and merge with her real world (or the VR world) and it’s up to you to battle back the forces of evil. It’s a really clever and creative game concept that’s got multiple layers.

We went hands on with it at GDC earlier this year and came away smiling from the concept and execution, but you’ll have to wait for our full review later this week to see how the full game stacks up. In the meantime, we’ll be livestreaming Pixel Ripped 1989 on PC today using an Oculus Rift with Touch controllers starting very soon as of the time this is being published (which means we’ll start at approximately 2:30 PM PT) and aim to last for about an hour or so.

We’ll be livestreaming directly to the UploadVR Facebook page. You can see the full stream embedded right here down below once it’s up: Let us know which games you want us to livestream next and what you want to see us do, specifically, in Pixel Ripped 1989 or other VR games. Comment with feedback down below! Tagged with: ARVORE, Pixel Ripped, Pixel Ripped 1989 From the moment I walked into the hotel suite for my Pixel Ripped 1989 appointment at GDC 2018, I immediately recognized that this wouldn’t be your normal, everyday meeting.

Before I had time to take in my surroundings, I heard a thick Brazilian accent from the next room over: “Sorry, Back in March of this year the team from ARVORE told us that Pixel Ripped 1989, it’s highly-anticipated nostalgia-trip of a VR game was due out for release in May, but it got delayed. Now, the team is back again with a firm release date of July 31st, 2018 at The art of making video games is miraculous. Read more from uploadvr.com…

thumbnail courtesy of uploadvr.com