It’s that time of year again. The time to steel yourself against the chilly winds of winter, wrap yourself in furs – just mind the Frostclaws – and try not to be the one who says ‘oh, I forgot that happened this year.’ Once again, it’s been a strong 365 days to own a PS4, if one with plenty of tantalising teases for a line up that might just melt our hard drives in 2018.

But none of that looking to the future just yet. Consider me the Ghost of PlayStation Past so let’s go back to the start of the year.

Yes, I am whispering, and it’s absolutely for dramatic effect.  The best 25 PS4 games you can play right now After Resi 7’s surprise reveal at E3 2016 and subsequent incredible lack of any delays for ‘extra polish,’ the survival horror franchise reared its ugly flaming head in January right on schedule. Not only was the trip to the Baker mansion a terrifying return to form for the series as it took inspiration from a stack of modern horror movies, but you could only truly experience the terror first-hand on PlayStation VR.

Whether you wanted to or not was another matter. Resi 7 VR certainly isn’t for everyone – if you’ve got a sensitive inner ear, I’d advise against it if you don’t fancy sitting with your head between your legs for an hour – but a big studio taking a risk on developing a full game for virtual reality was a hint of the quiet success of PS VR to come later in the year.

Back then though, the choice was very much up to you and I won’t be the one to judge you for choosing the still squirm-inducing 2D version.  If you survived lunch with the Bakers in January – just ignore the leftovers in the fridge – February was the month that literally defined PlayStation’s year. The release of Horizon Zero Dawn from Killzone devs Guerrilla Games made the word ‘surprise’ suddenly gloriously inadequate. Read more from…

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