Unless you’re an Android developer who also happens to be an experienced 3D artist, then creating all the assets required to deliver an immersive, 360 degree experience, can be a daunting process. Just because you don’t have the time, resources or experience necessary to create 3D models, doesn’t mean you can’t build a great VR or AR mobile app!

There’s a huge range of 3D resources freely available on the World Wide Web, plus all the APIs, frameworks and libraries you need to download and render these assets in your Android applications. In this article, we’re going to be looking at Poly, an online repository and API that puts thousands of 3D assets at your fingertips.

By the end of this article, you’ll have created an app that retrieves a 3D Poly asset at runtime, and then renders it using the popular Processing for Android library. If you’ve ever dabbled in Unity development, then the Poly repository is similar to the Unity Asset Store – except that everything in Poly is free!

Many of Poly’s 3D models are published under the Creative Commons license, so you’re free to use, modify and remix these assets, as long as you give the creator appropriate credit. All of Poly’s 3D models are designed to be compatible with Google’s VR and AR platforms, such as Daydream and ARCore, but you can use them wherever and however you want – potentially, you could even use them with Apple’s ARKit!

When it comes to retrieving and displaying Poly assets, you have two options. Firstly, you can download the assets to your computer and then import them into Android Studio, so they ship with your application and contribute towards its APK size, or you can retrieve these assets at runtime using the Poly API. Read more from androidauthority.com…

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