After watching “Spider-Man” cartoons or reading “X-Men” comic books, nearly everyone—at one point or another—imagines that they had superpowers. They run through the house pretending to swing around Manhattan like a favorite web slinger or they play-act as Wolverine cutting through Sentinels.

Now, as virtual reality becomes more prevalent, Marvel fans are closer to making that childhood fantasy feel more real. With “Marvel Powers United VR” on Oculus VR, Foster City-based Sanzaru created a four-player co-op experience that lets gamers take on the role of 18 Marvel heroes, including Black Panther, Captain America, Storm, Spider-Man, Star Lord, Wolverine, Black Bolt and Deadpool.

Players will team up to battle Thanos and a cadre of wide-ranging villains. They’ll visit locales such as Knowhere, Wakanda and Asgard.

Because it’s VR, there’s a striking level of immersion. The experience feels like players are in some version of the Marvel universe.

It’s a world closer to Earth-616 rather than Earth-199999 or in mainstream parlance, it’s closer to the comic books than the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In “Powers United VR,” fans are essentially thrown in with three other players and they battle relentless waves of foes. Read more from…

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