Until Dawn is one of my favorite PS4 games. It took me by surprise a few years ago with its choose-your-own adventure style branching narrative that melded a suspense thriller with a teen slasher flick in expert ways.

Each of the characters was unique with their own personality and depending on the choices that you’ve made some characters may live while others may die. Then last year as a PSVR launch title Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, an on-rails horror shooter, released to tell a unique spin-off story.

The same development studio, Supermassive Games, is working on The Inpatient and even though it isn’t a clear, direct prequel, it does fill in lore details that all take place prior to the events of the first game. Take a look at this creepy, atmospheric trailer to get an idea for the tone: Back at E3 we got the chance to go hands-on with the game in what amounted to an interrogation scene and a few moments of walking around a dark, twisted hallway.

At PSX the demo was greatly expaned to roughly 20 minutes in length and did away with the interrogation scene entirely. This time I saw a mixture of scenes that took place in my character’s asylum room, along with more walking down dark, twisted hallways.

My experience with The Inpatient this weekend was highlighted by two key features: the voice-recognition powered dialog system and wonky locomotion. For the dialog system every time a character spoke to me I’d have two potential responses appear in the air, floating next to their head.

The one on the left represented a positive affirmation-type response, while the one on the right was always more negative, skeptical, or sarcastic. For example, if a character asks what I’m doing in the asylum, options might say something like “I don’t remember,” or “I’m on vacation.” Clearly the first one is more genuine, whereas the second one is cracking a sarcastic joke. Read more from uploadvr.com…

thumbnail courtesy of uploadvr.com