The NEWVIEW AWARDS 2018 have been announced as part of an on going project to discover virtual reality (VR) content in the fashion, culture and art fields.Dubbed NEWVIEW the project is being run by Psychic VR Labs, which provides the VR Creative Platform STYLY, PARCO and Loftwork. The NEWVIEW AWARDS 2018 aims to pursue new expressions, cultures, and lifestyles such as ‘design of super-experience’ created by the next generation of content creators.

The project also aims to excavate all creator who are expressing near future, using 3D and virtual space. The theme for the award is “Design you ultra experience” with a prize pool over $35,000 (USD) up for grabs for winning entries.

The entry period for the award will run from today through to July 31st, 2018 with applications open for international submission as well. Psychic VR Labs will be holding a workshop to support the creation of VR works in Tokyo, Kyoto during this period as well.

The finalists’ work will be put on display at the end of August, 2018 in Tokyo as well for public viewing. Those finalists will be forty in total, with a final screening scheduled for sometime in early October, 2018. Psychic VR Labs’ STYLY allows users to create VR content within a cloud and browser based environment, including the option to share spaces for collaborative working.

The free platform empowered content creators to build the VR experiences they want without the need to type a single line of code. The dragon and drop interfact allows for simple, accessible and powerful content creation. Read more from…

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