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Seems like the software creators may have spent a little too much, honestly. It may be hard to believe, but rapper 2 Chainz has apparently never tried out a VR setup before.

In an episode of Vice’s Most Expensivest, he tries out a Vive headset, a motion-controlled D-Box chair, and headphones to play through a 12-minute movie called “Raising a Ruckus,” which is an immersive VR experience. The movie took about $3 million to make, which sounds kind of like a scam when you see the quality of the graphics.

But, silly as it may seem, 2 Chainz was very impressed with it, and had a great time in VR. The video clip is a surprisingly hilarious time watching the rapper check out everything the movie has to offer, as well as a little AR at the end with a dragon named Drake. Read more from…

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