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Apple’s long-rumored augmented reality headset will have virtual reality capabilities built in, too. It’s codenamed T288, and it’s currently scheduled to be released in 2020.

While Augmented Reality, or AR, maps digital objects onto the real world, Virtual Reality, or VR, immerses users entirely in a digitally-generated environment. The new detail came in a Friday report from CNET, which also included some very ambitious technical details of the project.

The new information, if true, would be a major leak for the secretive company, with CNET citing unnamed sources and Apple so far declining to comment on the news. But, aside from the addition of VR, it seems to confirm similar reports dating back at least to November of last year.

Some commenters with insight on hardware development have said creating a device with the specs laid out in the report would require Apple to push the limits of its engineering capabilities. Those specs include dual screens running at 8K resolution, connected wirelessly to a box with processors well ahead of anything on the market today. Read more from…

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