According to rumors earlier this year, Google is developing a subscription game streaming service that involves a hardware console. A new report today confirms that the effort is underway and provides more details, especially on the content side.

Kotaku today reiterates that the project involves a streaming platform to offer games from the cloud without presumably having to download large files in the tens of gigabytes, as well as hardware. Google excels on the former, with data centers located around the world and expertise in serving a significant amount of content every day to users.

Still codenamed Yeti, one source in the report described the Google project as “Imagine playing The Witcher 3 within a tab on Google Chrome.” Kotaku has also heard of possible “heavy” YouTube integration being an aspect to the service, with Google leveraging the video site’s corpus of gaming-related content. Imagine you’re playing a game and you run into a tricky boss or don’t know how to solve a puzzle.

Instead of opening up your laptop or checking your phone for a guide, you could press a button to activate an overlay on your screen that cues up a YouTube walkthrough of the game you’re playing. On the hardware front, The Information earlier this year noted several iterations, including a Chromecast, for the service.

There are no new details about the hardware today, but a puck streaming device would be highly affordable and compete with Microsoft Xbox and Sony PlayStation streaming services that still predominately require $200+ consoles. The most investing aspect of today’s report are the details about Google’s content push. Read more from…

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