In line with the UAE’s Innovation Month, which kickstarts today in Abu Dhabi, Tahawul Tech takes a look at five of the most innovative uses of technology across the country over the last 12 months. The driving force behind the UAE’s first nuclear energy plant has become a regular hit in the local headlines over the last year, as the completion of its nuclear reactors nears ever closer.

We live in a region that has historically been powered by its vast oil reserves, but the UAE’s goal is now to use nuclear energy to produce at least 25 percent of the country’s electricity by 2021. Technology’s role in contributing to this vision is becoming more prominent than ever.

ENEC’s 1,700-strong workforce, set to increase to 2,500 by 2020, is currently overseeing the construction of four of “the most technologically advanced nuclear reactor designs in the world” at the Barakah site, just south of Abu Dhabi. That aside, the company has introduced technology that may not be typically associated with the energy sector, including 3D printing, virtual reality and the Internet of Things.

Its simulator training centre leverages state-of-the-art technology to produce exact replicas of the control rooms in each reactor, preparing staff members in understanding how to respond to scenarios in the most realistic way possible. Your email address will not be published.

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