When it comes to VR, we are mostly familiar with Google Daydream and other popularized names. But VR has made its way into the Linux as well.

Although, people’s experience of things like SteamVR hasn’t been that great. It’s a 3D/VR desktop environment currently in development.

It’s designed to run on top of the Arcan display server. You can see it in action on a VR headset compatible with OpenHMD.

According to a blog post, the Safespaces is designed in a way that its code can be reused with little changes. The developers have made sure they don’t end up imitating or repeating the design model of Windows, Android, Xorg, etc.

The details of the open source VR desktop are available on GitHub. The developers warn that while testing the infant project, you might want to vomit. Read more from fossbytes.com…

thumbnail courtesy of fossbytes.com