The folks over at Thinknum recently conducted a study involving the sale of VR hardware on Amazon. It wasn’t a super exhaustive study and pretty much stuck straight to the figures, but you can’t really argue that those figures aren’t on the decline.

For the study, Thinknum took a gander at a handful of big VR headsets and tracked their sales figures over various periods of time. On the PlayStation VR front, they only looked at the Skyrim Bundle sales for the hardware noting that, since February of this year, that particular bundle has been on the decline.

There’s no mention of other PSVR models or the availability of the Skyrim bundle (for instance, if it was out of stock during any point in that time period). Moving down the list, the group also looked at the HTC Vive, a graph that looks something like a kid riding a pogo stick up and down a series of hills.

Despite those fluctuations, there’s a noticeable downward trend in April, an upswing in May, and now it appears to be going back down again. The Samsung Gear VR is also incudes in this ranking, even though that particular piece of hardware never gained traction.

Their study shows that the hardware dropped low in September of last year and has pretty much stayed there ever since. Finally, they took a look at the Oculus Go sales rankings, which have been on a decline since May. Read more from…

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