Samsung will showcase three new projects from C-Lab. Of the three, Relumino might be the most familiar to those keeping a close watch on Samsung’s activities.

Currently taking the form of a modified Gear VR headset, Relumino uses computer vision and imaging in order to address common visual deficiencies. The team behind Relumino hope to reduce the device into a less conspicuous sunglasses form in the future.

From visual to aural, S-Ray, short for Sound-Ray, wants to take directional audio and package it into more consumer-friendly forms, like neckbands, handheld boxes, and even smartphone covers. S-Ray tries to solve the problem of keeping your ears open to hear important ambient sound while still being able to enjoy music that only the wearer can hear.

Finally, GoBreath dives into the medical world with a portable device, app, and cloud service. The kit focuses on helping recovering patients with deep breathing exercises and instructions via the app.

The device and the service help doctors monitor patients’ progress and even give them a nudge if needed. Like any innovation program, not all C-Lab projects make it out of the prototype stage, no matter how refined. Read more from…

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