Creating a virtual reality (VR) experience may seem extremely complicated; especially if you have no knowledge in character animation, coding or you just don’t have the time to learn the software. Virtual Training Suite aims to solve this problem with Serious Factory, an editor that will allow for simple, low-cost creation of education and training scenarios.

VRFocus spoke to William Pérès, Founder and CEO of the company about their latest software, where not a single line of code is required to use it. Serious Factory are based in Paris, France but have various offices elsewhere.

Pérès explains that the Serious Factory software enables users to help create simulations of day-to-day scenarios and that this would change the conventional method of training where after a few weeks the knowledge disappears. Being able to take an experience to somebody’s house and enabling them to practice regularly would allow individuals to not only learn new skills but also master them. Users are able to score different levels of competencies and are able to see where they are lacking and need to improve.

This is completely customisable in order to fit different scenarios. Serious Factory costs £5,000 (GBP) annually, and allows you to create as many scenarios for as many users are you want.

The end product can be distributed to PC, tablet, smartphones as well as VR. Pérès showcased this to VRFocus at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) and explains that they were showcasing a prototype and that Serious Factory will be out by the end of Q1. Read more from…

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