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  Sir David Attenborough is the only person to have won a BAFTA for shows in black and white, color, HD and 3D, and that’s not to mention the honor of a recent 4K award under his belt too. But it doesn’t stop the presenter expanding into further mediums. Attenborough is now the main event of the new Hold The World VR documentary made by Sky in collaboration with London’s Natural History Museum.

The experience allows you to sit down in various private rooms locked away from the public in one of the UK’s best museums, with a virtual David Attenborough sitting in front of you to talk you through a variety of artifacts. We had the opportunity to sit down with Sir David and chat about the differences of filming in virtual reality compared to his normal nature documentaries.  “It is the viewer – the headset – that’s determining which way it goes,” Attenborough told TechRadar.

”It’s not me, they are making their own program and you are simply program fodder.” Sir David Attenborough showing the Queen Alexandras Birdwing Butterfly in Hold the World This isn’t the first time Attenborough has featured in a virtual reality experience, but this is the most high-tech (and therefore most intensive filming experience) he’s been a part of so far, which has resulted in the highest quality experience yet. He said, “The process of capture of the images is so demanding that you have to reduce the amount of possibilities.

I can’t put my arms out there for example [gesticulates to his side], because it won’t take it. “I must be very careful with my collar for example because when the camera takes it they can take most of it but they can’t see inside.

If my collar flopped open, there would be a hole in the footage.” Going off script is also off the cards, too. “The whole process is so expensive, there’s no time to improvise. Read more from…

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