Doom VFR isn’t the only big Bethesda VR game to get a significant update this week. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR, one of our favorite PSVR games of 2017, will be getting another big update later this week after launching all the way back in November.

Bethesda confirmed as much on Reddit, though didn’t provide a specific date for the patch. Fans will be pleased to find the arrival of two big new features, though.

Firstly, Bethesda has added the option to adjust movement speed when using the PlayStation Move controllers, allowing you to speed up or slow down the gliding effect when using smooth locomotion. Then there’s the much-appreciated ability to adjust camera height, too.

As it stands, lots of players find that they’re a little on the short side when they start Skyrim VR, which means you usually have to physically crouch, reset the view and then stand back up to adjust your height. Now you’ll be able to just do that from the menu.

There’s plenty of other stuff to look out for in the update, too. You can now toggle the crosshair with Move, for example, and it’ll only appear when you’re actually casting a spell. Read more from…

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