Above: Blood & Truth for PSVR isn’t just PlayStation-exclusive, it’s VR-exclusive: “We’re fully in with VR,” and “fully taking advantage of the medium.” A handful of PlayStation VR experiences have been so memorable that gamers can cite the moments by name: looking directly into the Joker’s eyes in Batman: Arkham VR, starting your first lap in Wipeout Omega Collection, and heading into a pitch black basement in Resident Evil 7.

For many people, any moment in Sony’s London Heist would meet this criterion: The brief, Tarantino-esque dive into the British criminal underworld was even stronger in narrative than its shooting sequence, forcing players to deal with the aftermath of a crime before delivering a last-minute twist. It was also too short — by design.

As one of five experiences on the PlayStation VR Worlds disc, The London Heist wasn’t intended to be a full game, but Sony’s London Studio has upgraded it from “short film” to “big blockbuster” for the upcoming PSVR title Blood & Truth. We interviewed Stuart Whyte, the director of VR product development for Sony’s London Studio, to learn about the conceptual and technical upgrades that went into Blood & Truth.

This is an edited transcript of our interview. Above: The strangely immersive opportunity to interact with seedy criminal conspirators in Sony’s London Heist for PSVR (shown) set the stage for Blood & Truth.

Stuart Whyte: I think the challenge is akin to going from a short movie to a big blockbuster full length movie! The London Heist was a great proof of concept for Blood & Truth and was our inspiration when we started the process of thinking about the new game – but it was relatively small and self-contained. Read more from venturebeat.com…

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