by Lindsay Rowntree
on 15th Aug 2018 in News With today’s digital disruption, backing the right technology is a key to survival and success. If only there were a marketing oracle, who could magically sort out the theoretical from the practical and point us to the right technology.

This oracle may not exist, but there is the team at DMEXCO 18, who have relentlessly combed through myriad suggestions and interviewed leading experts in the run up to the conference and expo, September 12-13 in Cologne, to identify key trends for next year. Transparency, fraud prevention, and full auditability are some of the advantages that blockchain technology promises.

In the case of programmatic advertising, where price and publisher are selected at lightning speed to reach a certain screen, DMEXCO speaker, Christof Baron, responsible for media in Sanofi’s consumer healthcare division, and previously CEO of Mindshare, is not convinced: “With blockchain technology, the user would have to wait for the ad to load, rather like the internet years ago, when bandwidth was too slow. The immense number of transactions required for real-time bidding, for example – in which many servers exchange information and make decisions within milliseconds – cannot be managed at the required speed using blockchain.

Depending on the technology used, up to fifteen transactions are handled per second, while bitcoin technology can only be used for up to seven. It is not just a question of speed, but of volume.

The results will not meet IAB standards, in which the response times in real-time bidding should be less than 100 milliseconds. Blockchain technology just doesn’t perform well enough for this application. Read more from…

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