Last night’s Southern Charm season 5 finale gave us one last terrible taste of Ashley (well, before the reunion) and it was even more enlightening and dramatic than expected, if that’s even possible at this point. When Kathryn shared with Naomie that she’d been tipped off on Instagram that Thomas’s girlfriend Ashley Jacobs just might be an escort, Naomie’s eyes widened in shock.

However, those of us at home probably laughed and thought, “Yeah, that’s about right.” It quickly became the central drama of Patricia’s Winter Wonderland formal, with Austen being the one to deliver the news to Thomas as the other tables gossiped about it over dinner. Thomas brushed off as “not true” and “absurd,” but there was no actual denial, only a deflection from Ashley.

And as I thought back on this season, I realized Ashley’s been dropping hints that she’s an escort the whole time. I know, sometimes rumors are just rumors, but also sometimes they’re the cold, hard truth.

And this one has been the first piece of information that would make any sense about who this woman is and where she came from. I’ll give her credit for being prepared: busting out a prop card that was likely just a DSW rewards card, as it definitely wasn’t a library card or probably one that proved she was an actual nurse either.

She had references to Austen’s sister locked and loaded, a sensitive subject as it is, and when it came to Kathryn, she spared no terrible remark, repeatedly flinging the words “baby mama” in her direction. And yet! Read more from…

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