If you’ve got the stamina – and the space – then Sprint Vector is an awful lot of fun. By Ian Higton

Published 21/02/2018

Version tested PlayStation 4 Pro I’m going to kick this review off with a quick word of warning.

Do not, whatever you do, play Sprint Vector right after an all you can eat carvery. Because I played Sprint Vector for the first time after an all you can eat carvery, and it made me feel wonky for the rest of the night.

That’s why, before I even get into how the game works, it’s well worth pointing out that Sprint Vector is one of the most intensely physical PSVR games I’ve played to date. If you’re not a fan of titles that require you to stand up and get sweaty then it’s safe to say this is not the game for you.

The same can also be said to those of you out there with limited VR playspace. Although the setup blurb suggests you can play the game seated, Sprint Vector relies on full upper-body movement in order to work properly.

That’s all well and good in theory but when I tried to play it in a seated position the controls were so unresponsive it made the game unplayable. Fast-forward half an hour or so and, after moving around a bunch of furniture, I was finally able to create just enough space for the PSVR to track my arm movements correctly. Read more from eurogamer.net…

thumbnail courtesy of eurogamer.net