JEDDAH: The 5th MiSK SHOOF Digital Visual Media Forum took place at Jeddah’s Hilton Hotel on Dec. 10 with Saudi actress Fatima Al-Banawi and radio presenter Yasir Al-Saggaf welcoming a diverse audience filling 2,000 seats with promises of success stories from “local and global storytellers,” and content creation in virtual reality.

The forum is an initiative carried by the MiSK foundation to enable youths and encourage them to create. Will Scougal, head of creative strategy at Snapchat, held the opening session where he clarified that Snapchat was not necessarily a tool for social media, but for “creativity, communication, playfulness and fun.” He mentioned there were approximately 33 million Snapchat users in the Middle East, representing innumerable content creation opportunities.

SHOOF’s program included two discussion panels with noteworthy content creators on various social media platforms including Snapchat’s funny icon Selwan Elham, Ibrahim Sarhan, Alia AlShamsi, Omar Farooq, Hitham and others. “We’re not here to show off our achievements,” said Palestanian vlogger, Haifa Beseisso, infamous for her Fly With Haifa YouTube channel.

“I want everyone to imagine if we start utilizing the crystalline tool inside us, imagine what we can achieve. If we stand together, hand in hand, unite and encourage one another, what can’t we accomplish then?” she said encouragingly addressing content creators in the hall. Read more from…

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