STYLY, a cloud and browser-based virtual reality (VR) development service made by Japan’s Psychic VR Lab, has integrated the Google Poly API, massively increasing its 3D model library. STYLY users can also select models from 3D modeling applications like Blender, Maya, and Sketchup.

Online virtual reality (VR) development tools like STYLY are making VR content creation easier than ever. The browser-based tool from Japan’s Psychic VR Lab requires no coding, and therefore allows creative minds to develop VR content without having to figure out the difficult stuff.

The VR editing and distribution service allows users to, in Psychic VR Lab’s words, “explore and expand their imaginations and creativity” by building VR content, with no downloads required. In terms of hardware, content in STYLY is automatically viewable in all major VR headsets.

STYLY has just widened its compatibility even more: by integrating the Google Poly API, users will now have access to thousands more 3D models. (They could use Google Poly content before, but had to download then re-upload the 3D models, rather than access them from within the STYLY platform.) The Google Poly integration provides more options for STYLY users, who also have in-browser access to 3D modeling applications like Blender, Maya, and Sketchup.

Google Poly was launched at the beginning of November 2017, and functions as a free object library for AR and VR developers. provides the latest news about 3D printing technology and 3D printers. Read more from…

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