PARK CITY — With a variety of movies playing in town, a couple dozen people lined up instead to hear about the future of virtual reality and interactive technology in filmmaking Saturday during the 2018 Sundance Film Festival. The group crowded inside the bottom level of the Intel Tech Lodge, 558 Main St., for the 2 p.m. panel featuring three industry executives and a filmmaker, ready to discuss where VR and augmented reality are headed in regards to entertainment.

“This year, we have turned another corner in VR,” Ted Shilowitz, futurist-in-residence at Paramount Studios, said during the panel. “VR is maturing.

The last few years at Sundance it has been more engaging.” Award-winning filmmaker Eliza McNitt premiered her new VR series, “SPHERES: Songs of Spacetime” on Friday at the festival. The 13-minute film is an entirely VR, immersive experience of two black holes colliding in space.

Narrated by Jessica Chastain, the film makes the viewer feel like they are floating in space, completely surrounded by exploding stars and bending light. Despite the incredible visuals, music and feeling the film offers, McNitt said creating it was not without its difficulties.

She said in some instances, the technology hasn’t entirely caught up with the artistic vision and that “we really need faster computers” because creating the visuals for her film took a long time to render and took a lot of processing power. “It’s always a collaboration between the creator and tech,” she said. Read more from…

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