One of the most interesting PlayStation VR (PSVR) games of 2017 is finally coming to the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. Pentadimensional Games’ Megaton Rainfall will release on both headsets on August 9th, it was confirmed today.

The game has been available on PC without VR support since last November, but the PS4 version always packed optional VR support. Xbox One and Nintendo Switch versions of the game will also be launching later this year.

In Megaton Rainfall you play a Superman-like hero that zips around a procedurally generated world fending off an alien invasion. While the game gives you immense power, it teaches you to use it responsibly; instead of taking any damage yourself you’re judged by how much damage is done to the city you’re currently protecting.

Bad guys come in all shapes and sizes and will try to smash as many targets as possible before you take them down, and your own attacks can topple buildings too. It makes for an interesting spin on the superhero genre and one you should definitely try.

“Megaton Rainfall may not be the most immersive VR experience out there, but it’s a heck of a lot of fun to play and often jaw-dropping to behold,” we said in our 8/10 review. “It’s a new type of superhero game that comes up with an elegant solution to the problem of giving the player too much power and is always waiting to show you new ideas. Read more from…

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