Public trading is a big milestone for any company, and reputable investor in virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), FinTech and Internet of Things devices, Sure Ventures, is now trading on the London Stock Exchange. Now instead of private venture capital funds and Angel Investors dominating the investment space, retail investors and smaller investors can get involved.

The shares are trading on the Specialist Fund Segment of London’s Stock Exchange’s regulated Main Market. They started trading on January 19th at 8am, with 3,310,000 ordinary shares available at the placing price of £1 each, with the market cap of £3,310,000 on First Admission.

Sure Ventures are trading under the ticker SURE. This follows a record breaking year for VR and AR investments in 2017.

XR Games also recently received a $2.6 million USD investment from Global Merces, showing that the growth of the industry will only accelerate. Forecasts predict that the AR and VR markets will grow into a $108 billion USD industry within five years, as such, Sure Ventures feel that this is an area on which to focus.

FinTech (financial technology) meanwhile continues to grow larger and larger, which is why it is the second of the three areas in which Sure Ventures wish to focus their investments. The final area is with Internet of Things devices, which everyone is surely well aware of now. Read more from…

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