With 2017 at an end, the next annual consumer electronics showcase – formally known as CES 2018 – is rapidly approaching, with the doors on the Las Vegas-based event set to open on January 7. The event will run for five days, until January 12, giving attendees plenty of time to explore the year’s incoming innovations and manufacturers time to show off new products and technologies.

Leading up to the event, the majority of what will be revealed or shown has remained unknown. Although many of the companies that are taking part will, of course, put on their own presentations further on in the year to showcase mainstay products, there will almost certainly be new product reveals.

CES is, of course, not limited to smartphones or mobile technologies. Going beyond those, there are likely to be new products across the gamut of technology and something to interest just about anybody – ranging from medical devices and wearables to televisions and auto.

Meanwhile, a number of predictions, rumors, and expectations that have been put forward over the last several months for the event will finally be either confirmed or set aside. With the recent shift in focus for the industry moving to center around A.I.-driven solutions, artificial intelligence will likely to take center stage for many of the announcements made and products shown at this year’s CES.

In fact, one of the leading names in the commercialization of A.I. products and services – namely, Google – will have its own booth at CES 2018. Read more from androidheadlines.com…

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