Telstra has signalled the expansion of 5G trials with the launch of its 5G Innovation Centre, which will complement its 5G testing centre and trial network on the Gold Coast. By Corinne Reichert

| February 4, 2018 — 22:00 GMT (14:00 PST)

| Topic: Mobility Telstra has launched a 5G Innovation Centre on the Gold Coast, saying it will allow the telco to undertake trials alongside startups, tech vendors, developers, and enterprise customers in preparation for commercial deployment.

These trials will include use cases across smart cities, smart homes, drones, autonomous vehicles, and augmented reality, according to COO Robyn Denholm, with Telstra adding that it will carry out further 5G field trials over the next few months “in and around the Gold Coast” ahead of the meeting of international standards body 3GPP there in September. “Telstra has already conducted Australia’s first 5G field trial and the world’s first 5G outdoor data call over 26GHz ‘mmWave’ radiofrequency spectrum.

From our new 5G Innovation Centre, we will be completing a number of 5G firsts in 2018 to ensure Australia remains at the forefront of mobile technology,” Denholm said. “We look forward to hosting leading 5G developers from around the world so Australian businesses can begin developing products and services that will take advantage of 5G.

Our activities at the Innovation Centre will culminate in the 3GPP meeting later in 2018 that will play a critical role in setting the 5G standards underpinning the launch of commercial services.” Telstra is expecting to see tests show 5G speeds of around 3Gbps download/300Mbps upload using millimetre-wave (mmWave) spectrum.

The centre, which is located at its Southport Exchange, is part of Telstra’s AU$60 million investment in upgrading infrastructure on the Gold Coast due to upcoming “major events” — the city is hosting the Commonwealth Games in April — and increasing demand for network capacity. This AU$60 million is itself part of a AU$5 billion investment in the telco’s network in the three years to June 30, 2019. Read more from…

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