The original Exorcist was a massive influence to the ghost genre in horror, and gamers now have the opportunity to try their hand at exorcism. Although novelist William Peter Batty passed away last year and wasn’t involved in The Exorcist: Legion VR for PlayStation VR, developers Wolf & Wood are clearly interested in honoring the brand and authorial intentions of the series.

In The Exorcist: Legion VR, players take the role of a Boston homicide detective investigating a priest’s murder, with each of the game’s chapters represent individual cases. The first three chapters are available for purchase today, either on their own or with a package or season pass.

There will be five chapters in total, with each requiring approximately 15-30 minutes to complete. Related: Gunheart Review: A High Quality VR Shooter The Exorcist: Legion VR might seem a little complicated at the start, as it throws you numerous control instructions and even contains an accessible smartphone in your character’s left hand.

Rest assured that the gameplay is simpler than it first appears, and the phone does not factor into a primary game mechanic. It’s more of an in-world menu system, allowing quick access to movement options, level restarts, and a hint system.

Players begin in the police precinct, where a private office functions as a kind of hub and level selector, though you can also nose around for bits of supplementary text. Speaking of text, this game has a surprising amount of it, and you’ll discover notes, books, pieces of evidence, and other objects which can all be read. Read more from…

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