Widely recognized as the father of virtual reality, Jaron Lanier
has been hugely influential in shaping the technology of today. Lanier’s work is considered foundational to the field of VR; he’s
spurred developments in immersive avatars, VR headsets and
accessories, and was involved in early advancements in medical
imaging and surgical simulator techniques. He’s also credited
with coining the phrase “virtual reality.”

In addition to his work as a programmer and inventor, Lanier is a
prolific author and celebrated tech critic. His most recent book,

‘Dawn of the New Everything,’ explores his upbringing in New
Mexico, his years pioneering virtual reality in Silicon Valley in
the 1980s, and his experiences working with pre-eminent scholars,
critics, scientists, and developers.

Lanier sat down with Business Insider’s Zoë Bernard and Steven
Tweedie to chat about his latest book, the current debate over
the impacts of social media, his decision to join Microsoft
after working at Google, and whether or not artificial
intelligence will eventually wreak havoc on humanity. This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

Lanier worked on the Power Glove, which was later
purchased by Mattel. Wikimedia/Evan
Amos Jaron Lanier
Let’s break this down just a little bit.

First of all,
there’s one side of VR which is
the industrial side, not the consumer side, that’s been a total
success. I’ll give you a very personal
story from my life that’s an example of  it. Read more from businessinsider.com…

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