A few months back we reported that long-in-development survival game The Forest, would finally be getting some form of VR support after developer Endnight Games teased as much years ago. Now we also know when said support is coming, and what it will consist of.

Yesterday Endnight finally released the full version of the game after years of Early Access development. In a blog announcing the release, though, the team also confirmed that the VR support will be coming on May 22nd, though didn’t confirm which headsets will be supported.

Better yet, Endnight explained that the entire game can be played in VR, complete with a full 3D interface to suit the medium and motion controls to realistic actions. Given that The Forest is visually stunning and a fully-featured survival game, that’s really good to hear.

You can sort of think of The Forest as a more mature version of Minecraft. In the game, you find yourself stranded in an expansive woodland environment and must gather resources to build and settlement and weapons to survive.

Things get a bit more complicated, though, when terrifying enemies start attacking you. Fortunately, the game features online co-op support so a friend can help. Read more from uploadvr.com…

thumbnail courtesy of uploadvr.com