TechCrunch International Innovation Summit 2018, held in Hangzhou, is co-hosted by reputable US tech media company TechCrunch and its official China partner, international innovation platform TechNode. Alibaba Cloud Town International Conference Center Phase II, Exhibition A Top local and overseas entrepreneurs, investors, startups, and cross-border innovation pioneers will make an appearance on the main stage of TechCrunch International Innovation Summit, and share their insights for the future development of technology from AI, e-commerce, intelligent hardware & IoT, biomedicine, gaming & entertainment, intelligent transportation, enterprise services, as well as Internet security.

As we all know, machines are able to operate far better than humans; but when it comes to driving, which involves object recognition and complex decision-making, machine performance falls short. Since the advent of deep learning, however, these capabilities that would otherwise have been impossible or far-fetched have suddenly become more accessible.

Although autonomous driving is still at the road test stage, most major car manufacturers have already set their timeline for launching autonomous cars by 2020. Therefore, at the upcoming TechCrunch Hangzhou, we are dedicating a side stage to discuss autonomous driving.

We invited outstanding companies in this field, all from diverse backgrounds, from chip algorithm and sensors to high precision mapping and capital flows, to deconstruct the past, present, and future of autonomous driving. As the “Great Leap” startup wave loses momentum, there are fewer quality projects.

Perhaps it is time to slow down and really think about what steps must be taken and how capital should be managed to survive and grow in the maturing investment fund environment. At TechCrunch Hangzhou, you will have access to investment info sharing from the finest investors in China. Read more from…

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