Lumus—a maker of optical displays that help make augmented reality (AR) a, well, reality—obviously has a vested interest in where AR tech is going. Luckily for that company and others, the research they put into this infographic (below) created by Nowsourcing on “The Future of Augmented Reality” reveals that they probably bet on a bright future.

AR is poised to become a major factor in a lot more than Pokemon Go or Snapchat filters. Start with the numbers: By 2025, AR will be big in the video game market, accounting for an estimated $11.6 billion out of what will probably be a trillion-dollar business by that time.

(That’s a conservative number for AR gaming.) And there are plenty of other industries where AR (and virtual reality) will contribute to revenue by 2025. Healthcare at $5.1 billion (imagine devices that can find veins faster than a phlebotomist), engineering at $4.7 billion, live events (picture Kanye dancing Read more from…

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