Right when you think Facebook marketing could not get any worse (or better), Mark Zuckerberg shows up to keynote F8 calm, cool and ready to take on the world. Literally and virtually.

No red cape, just his usual T-shirt, confidence and PR posturing. Before Zuckerberg could get into the main agenda of the 8th Annual Facebook Developer Conference, he had no choice but to address the latest headlines – privacy, fraud, and fame.

In one swoop you can soon clear your privacy, and that’s a big deal. “I was very surprised about the Clear History feature.

If it works the way Zuckerberg claims, I think it’s a massive win for privacy advocates and users,” said Joe Youngblood, a digital marketing expert who specializes in Facebook. “I was also very surprised, and abhorred, they would try to add dating to the site, not a positive for users in my opinion that Facebook is encouraging that behavior,” Youngblood said.

All personal aside, Zuckerberg cleared the news feed for the marketer’s new guide to Facebook fame and fortune. Augmented and virtual reality isn’t just fun and games anymore. Read more from searchenginejournal.com…

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