It’s hard to even picture the way travel used to be. It’s hard to believe we all used to flip through reference books to decide our destination, that we used to walk down to the travel agent to book our flights, that we’d come home clutching a paper ticket with all our sectors locked in, that we’d call hotels to book, that we’d pack actual maps, that we’d write letters, that we’d carry rolls of film to later develop.

Travel has changed. It’s changed immensely, and it’s changed permanently.

So much about the way we move through the world has been altered by modern technology, so much has been affected by advances that have often smoothed our path, making things easier, making them faster, making them cheaper. The AI of the future will help you find cheap flights, it will help you find the best seat on the plane, it will help you travel during the quietest periods.

The internet has clearly made the biggest change. Anyone who has travelled in the last 10 years already knows this.

They know that you now utilise the internet for every single part of the travel experience, from booking flights to finding hotels, from deciding on experiences to securing tables at restaurants, from navigating your way around a new city to posting photos of that city on social media to make your friends jealous. Travel has changed – but there are more changes on the way. Read more from…

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