Stealth, horror and procedural scrambling converge in a thrilling package. I’ve always found good horror games to be the most immersive of all virtual experiences.

A strong dose of terror laser-focuses your attention onto the illusion and causes the world outside your visor to melt away. Virtual threats can seem all too real because of this and, under the right circumstances, the primal fear they release in you can be all consuming.

You’re not just playing the game when this happens, you’re living the game and, for the first three to four hours or so, that’s exactly how it felt playing The Persistence. Serena needs your help restarting the ship’s stardrive so you can escape the pull of this black hole, but before you can do that you’ll have to complete an objective on each of the ship’s four main decks.

This is a series of tasks that’s been complicated somewhat by a malfunction of the deck modules. Every time you use a teleporter, the modules shuffle about, as things in Roguelikes often do, causing the whole layout of the ship to change.

To top that all off, it turns out the clone printer that gave you your new body is but one of many and the tragic incident has caused the rest to go haywire. All over the ship they’re printing out unlimited numbers of botched clones, complete with a variety of troublesome and deadly mutations. Read more from…

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