For over a decade now, Silicon Valley ideology has been to simultaneously: Make the world a better place. Our community — entrepreneurs and investors alike — have had a sense of manifest destiny to move humanity forward with our work.

Somewhere along the way however, making the world a better place became more of a punchline than an ethos, and breaking things has become what we are best known for outside Silicon Valley. To that end, 2017 has been a demoralizing year.

While our product innovations have built accessible and affordable content, community and commerce on top of a thriving deregulated and open internet, they have also been weaponized against society by bad actors. Social media became a vector of bullying and propaganda.

Algorithms meant to personalize experiences have ended up amplifying bias. Personal data has been compromised in ways that we don’t even fully understand yet.

What’s worse is that as our industry has gained influence and power, we have also become plagued with sexual harassment scandals on top of a persistent lack of diversity. This is not unique to our industry but it adds significantly to perception that we are all bad actors. Read more from…

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