The fastest growing product design, engineering, prototyping and manufacturing startup in the Southeast, Kickr Design, calls a warehouse in the Bolton neighborhood in Atlanta home. Inside, engineers from top schools across the country are working on products, prototypes and more for major clients to hobbyists on breakout inventions with the potential to disrupt several different industries.

From restaurant automation equipment to Micro C, a hand-held mobile X-ray for orthopedic surgery, to one of the first pair of force feedback gloves for virtual reality, the frontrunners at Kickr like to say they can do “just about anything” in their workshop. Founder and CEO of Kickr Design Addison Shelton left a production engineer job with Apple in California to work on a friend’s startup in Georgia just a few years prior.

The Stanford grad later branched out on his own with his mobile accessories startup TaskLab and now rides an electric skateboard to work, helping make people’s ideas into a reality at Kickr Design. “Right now, we’re working on actively about 120 different products,” Shelton said.

Crammed in less than 100 square feet of office space during his first startup stint, Shelton and his business partner, Harold Brown, have now expanded Kickr Design to the surrounding offices in Bolton, encompassing a total of 8,000 square feet in 18 months. “Today we’ve grown to 30 engineers and more than a half a dozen disciplines,” Shelton said.

Brown, who calls himself the “sizzle” to the Kickr steak, started guiding Shelton as a mentor with ATDC, the state’s tech business incubator, on TaskLab and later joined the team as the marketing side of the growing studio. “I can’t think of anything we can’t make,” he said. Read more from…

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