AR/VR is relatively still new to the market but it seems that we are starting to see some early adoption and use cases. Black Enterprise caught up with Russell Lawson, co-founder of Drop, the search engine for VR, to discuss why he started the company, how he sees the search engine being used and what his experience has been like to fundraise for technology that is still relatively new to the marketplace.

Tell me about your background. I grew up in Philadelphia and then went off to Morehouse College—which was a defining moment in my development as an African American male.

Subsequently, I moved to New York City to work as an investment banking analyst. I am now based in San Francisco where I spend my time working with an exceptional team at Drop, hanging out in art spaces, and hiking while hopping on and off planes to Asia and Los Angeles.

Drop started as a personal obsession with information discovery on computing devices. One afternoon while heading back to New York City after a weekend trip, I was a passenger in a near-fatal accident.

I recall the moment the ER doctor told me my injuries didn’t match the physics of the accident—that I was lucky to be alive. Having that face-to-face encounter with death reshaped my perspective on the relationship between our human existence and our daily work. Read more from…

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