Playing video games at Altadena Library District (Photo – Staff). It used to be that a library’s sole purpose was to lend and return books and other materials, or help patrons with questions about a certain collection.

That was then, before phones started playing music and movies, texting became a means of communication, and virtual companies provided answers, shared news (fake or otherwise), kept family members connected and long lost friends reconnected. Now libraries are providing much more.

They’re pivoting from being transactional in nature to more relational. They’re becoming the place to be for millennials and hipsters (among many other generational labels).

Luckily, libraries have caught the shift early, and played it – some almost to perfection- to the hilt in attracting “new blood” to their halls, keeping them a vital destination. The Water Conservation Demonstration Garden at the Altadena Library (Photo – George Patton).

One of those libraries is Altadena Library District. We’ve been following the positive progression of this library, headed by Mindy Kittay, for quite some time, and we can safely declare: this library gets it right! Read more from…

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