A blend of Guitar Hero, Star Wars and virtual reality produces a damn fun looking game, that’s for sure. Beat Saber is a new virtual reality game in which players use lightsabers to slash flying blocks out of the air in order to hash out a beat.

Well one gamer had a bright idea and took the game one step further. By taping his VR controllers together, Twitter-user @Ab_eer created his own Darth Maul-style weapon.

At first I thought this would just be a goofy tweet but it worked out way better than I thought! This needs to be a new game mode!

Double Saber!https://t.co/LbSrRyYSoL — ragesaq (@Ab_eer) May 2, 2018 Since then the online community has got very excited and @Ab_eer has had a real (virtual) Darth Maul saber custom-made for him. Beat Saber – Legend – Expert all reds – TRUE Darth Maul staff saber style!https://t.co/rfa5FjxEty pic.twitter.com/b7s0z5J0hM — ragesaq (@Ab_eer) May 11, 2018 Beat Saber has been taken to a whole new level and it’s time the developers cottoned on and created a whole new game mode.

Even T-Rex is playing! Had the T-Rex not gone extinct, it too would be playing @BeatSaber! Read more from techly.com.au…

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