Varjo’s VR headset lets you see virtual objects in much greater detail, and could be used for training, design or entertainment By
Victoria Turk It’s virtual reality like you’ve never seen it before: in human-eye resolution. Helsinki-based startup Varjo is building a VR headset that lets the user see virtual objects to the same level of detail as they would in real life, producing a crisp image much clearer than the pixelated view you usually get when you stick a digital display close to your face.

The Varjo headset takes advantage of a natural quirk of human vision. At any one moment, our eyes see only a small area of focus at their highest resolution.

“If you put your arm out, it’s the size of your thumbnail,” says Varjo co-founder and CEO Urho Konttori. As our eyes move to focus somewhere else, so does this area of high-resolution.

This is called foveation; it is why, as you read this sentence, your eyes jump left to right across the text. Varjo’s device mimics this phenomenon by putting two displays inside the headset.

One shows a full view of the virtual world at a standard VR resolution. The other is a micro OLED display that covers only a small fraction of the field of view but presents it in much higher resolution. Read more from…

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