We recently dove in to create a list of the best fishing experiences on PC—not just looking at fishing sims but at any game that features fishing as an activity, like Stardew Valley and Far Cry 5. This was prior to Catch & Release, a VR fishing game, arrived on Steam this month.

I’ve played it and can say it’s definitely going on our list. While it’s a bit buggy, it’s also one of the most enjoyable fishing games I’ve played.

Even the bugs themselves are kind of fun. You begin sitting in a rowboat with a fishing rod, a lunchbox full of sandwiches, a beer (important) and a radio you can tune for a selection of songs.

Get a bite on your line and reel it in, or if you don’t get a nibble after a while you can put down the rod, grab the oars and row yourself to a new spot in the lake. In the meantime, nosh on a sandwich, knock back a beer, find a nice song on the radio, flip through the fishing catalog, or just chill and enjoy the scenery.

You can sell the fish you catch by popping them in the cooler behind you and closing the lid, or release them if you think they’re a bit too puny. When you’ve made some money you can pick up the catalog, flip through the pages, and poke something you want to buy. Read more from pcgamer.com…

thumbnail courtesy of pcgamer.com