In case you haven’t heard yet, TechCrunch is ready to descend on Tel Aviv for a one-day conference focused exclusively on mobility — and all that it entails. Tel Aviv’s startup community is red hot and fast-growing, which makes sense considering Israeli tech stands at the forefront of mobility.

TechCrunch Tel Aviv takes place on June 7, 2018, and you have only three days left before the early-bird ticket price — 265 ILS — disappears. Buy your tickets right here, right now. Sit down for a fireside chat with Austin Russell, inventor, applied physicist and founder and CEO of Luminar Technologies.

His vision to develop a new type of LiDAR (a detection system that uses light from a laser) may finally make autonomous vehicles both safe and universal. If you’re wondering how giant car manufacturers can stay relevant in the age of autonomous cars, well you’re not the only one.

That’s why we can’t wait to hear General Motor’s Ariella Grinberg share her perspective from the main stage. The innovation manager for GM’s Advanced Technical Center in Israel, Grinberg will discuss her team’s work and GM’s overall strategy for competing with small but nimble startups. You don’t want to miss Liad Itzhak, the head of mobility at Here Technologies, talk about using mapping data to develop self-driving technologies and services.

The man knows just a thing or two about the subject from the time he spent at Waze and Google. Cyber security plays a vital role in all things mobile. Read more from…

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