The combined population of every single VR game on Steam was 3,363 at time of writing. That’s compared with 4,181 playing Total War: Rome II – Emperor Edition an hour ago.

Rome II is almost five years old. The statistics come from a new site that tracks the population of VR games specifically, pulling its numbers from Steam’s Web API just like SteamCharts.

Though the site displays the 24-hour peak for individual games (Beat Saber is comfortably in the lead with 1,165), there’s no obvious way to show the 24-hour peak for all VR games, so we’re stuck with the rolling number. It’s also worth noting that while you can use an Oculus Rift with Steam, Oculus has its own client, so Steam does not represent the totality of VR gaming on PC (there’s also all the tiny Google stuff).

Nonetheless, the numbers are grim reading for any VR evangelists out there. You can look for yourself at, and compare with Rome II or another game of your choice on Steam Charts.

Put another way: there are fewer people playing VR games on Steam worldwide than can fit in London’s Brixton Academy, a modestly sized (if much-loved) music venue. Add to the above caveats the likely impact of recent changes in Steam’s privacy settings, and questions can be asked about the soundness of the data VRLFG is able to pull. Read more from…

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