Irish jewellery firm Chupi is embracing virtual reality technology as a way of showcasing their unique items for potential customers. In addition to plans to deliver a ring-sizing app by Christmas this year, the VR offering is expected to be in place at the start of 2019.

Understanding the power of digital has always been forefront of mind for the designer behind the brand, Chupi Sweetman. “I think everyone understands the power of digital but can be afraid of what it costs.

We started the company with a €1000 from my grandmother a little over five years ago and now have 23 on our team and export into 64 countries,” she told Sweetman’s husband Brian, the “super nerd” who has been working on Chupi’s upcoming tech offerings, acts as the firm’s technical director.

From its official launch in 2013, the couple have worked 70-hour weeks to design bespoke jewellery, build their network and continue to refine one of their most treasured creations – their website. “One of the challenges we face is finding out what the customer wants, what the product/service/experience means to them, and why should they care.”

Connecting with her audience is something that Sweetman does with finesse, despite protestations that she ‘would rather die’ than ask for ‘likes’ on her first Facebook page. Irish-manufactured diamond sparklers are consistently flying to London, the US and Canada to people who have never seen them in real life – but have fallen in love.  “Thanks to the power of storytelling and social media the customers know us, what we do and why we do it. Read more from…

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